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Growth Through Challenges: Insights from Ayah

In our Assembly, we invited Ayah to speak about mental health and personal growth. Ayah has worked with the Barnet Children’s and Youth Wellbeing Charter, which helps young people have a voice. She hosts the ‘Soul Mission’ podcast, where she inspires entrepreneur listeners. Her goal is simple: to help people be their best and deal with life’s challenges. Ayah’s words echoed a powerful message in our Assembly, reminding us all that challenges can shape us into something extraordinary, much like diamonds form under pressure. As our pupils navigate through exams and beyond, it was a helpful reminder that each obstacle can be an opportunity for growth and resilience. Our future dreams are realised by belief in one’s abilities, staying focused on goals, and trust that you have the strength to shine brightly, no matter what the circumstances are. Everyone’s journey to success is unique, and with determination and perseverance, every challenge can be turned into a stepping stone toward greatness. Keep striving, keep believing, and remember, our pupils can achieve anything they set their mind to. After the Assembly our pupils downloaded the Flora App Flora – Green Focus (appfinca.com) which helps grow virtual trees to stay calm and avoid online distractions during study sessions.

Mrs Prakash
Deputy Head (Pastoral)