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Year 3 Reading Road Map

Year 3 have continued their Reading Road Map journey with great enthusiasm. Pupils have enjoyed spending time in the Library each week selecting their books. As the weeks have gone by, they have been adding their review ‘emojis’ to the colourful display in the Jubilee Hall.

I was very pleased to award certificates to the following children:

Spring Term 2
Bronze (5 books) Penelope, Sofia 3TW

Freddie G, Zoe, Juno, Harry 3GC

Ellie 3LS

Nancy, Gabriella 3NC

Silver (10 books) Kiaan, Mahi, Allegra, Farha, Francesca, Neeve 3NC

Stanley, Poppy Mo, George, Freddie F 3GC

Christina 3TW

Emre, Stefan, Luca 3TW

Gold (15 books) George, Laoise, Zarah 3GC
Platinum (25 books) Giulia 3TW,

Seb, Amber 3GC

NB – efforts have been made to ensure that all those who have received certificates this term are named above. If your child’s name has been left out, this is an oversight on my part, and I do apologise. Please contact me and I will ensure that they are recognised next time.

Congratulations to them all!

Ms R Sutherns
Head of Lower School