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During Friday’s assembly, we announced our final group of Year 2 Junior Librarians.

Our Junior Librarians for this half of the term are Evie and Felix from the Eagle class, Hannah, Evelina and Anoushka from the Owl class and finally, Vish and Cassie from the Hawk class. They have the responsibility for the library environment and choose our Book of the Week. Watch this space for their forthcoming suggestions!


Our Grimsdell Library is child centred and so our Book of the Week is always chosen by one of our Junior Librarians. This week, we have a selection of humorous books to tempt you!

Firstly, Evie recommends Oi Cat, written by Kes Gray

Evie tells us: “I really enjoy funny stories and I have read all of this series!”

Mrs Harvey fully supports Evie’s choice. Kes Gray is a British children’s author. His works spans the age ranges and his quirky humour is a huge hit with children. As well as the Oi picture book series, which are illustrated by Jim Field,  he is also the creator of eponymic Daisy series of books.

Evelina has chosen Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell written by Sue Hendra.

Evelina explains the reason for her choice: “This is a great story which I think all Grimsdell children will enjoy.”

Mrs Harvey thoroughly approves of Evelina’s choice. Sue Hendra is an award-winning British writer and illustrator of over 100 children’s books including the infamous Supertato series. Norman the Slug is looking for a perfect shell-but can he find his match? You can find out in this wonderfully bold and fun picture book that will teach children the importance of accepting who you are.

Our final humorous book  of the week has been selected by Hannah.

Her choice is Ketchup On Your Cornflakes by Nick Sharratt.

Hannah tells us: “I really like the  split pages in this book as you can make up lots of silly rhymes!”

Mrs Harvey fully supports Hannah’s choice. This fiction book (and others written by this author) is available to borrow from our school library. Nick Sharratt is a talented and popular author/illustrator, and the children are very familiar with his work. He has won numerous awards for his work, including the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2003. His quirky writing coupled with big and bold illustrations ensure that every story in which he is involved, leaps off the page.

All of this week’s Books of the Weeks focus on humour – always a popular genre amongst our Grimsdell readership. Comical books seem to have an irresistible pull on children.  I often find them giggling together over a picture book. Our humour section is very popular and draws pupils of all ages.  Funny stories are an invaluable teaching tool and can support our commitment to pupil well-being.

The physiological and psychological benefits of laughter are well-documented. One of the main physiological effects of laughing is the production of endorphins which promote a sense of well-being and help relieve stress.  Laughter can also help counteract feelings of anxiety or anger in children.  When we smile, levels of one of the body’s stress hormones, cortisol, are reduced.  All of these effects are very beneficial to a individual’s mental health.  In an age where schools are paying increasing attention to the mental health and emotional well-being of their pupils, laughter is a powerful tool to utilise in the classroom – and what better way to do that than through humorous books?

Happy Reading!

Mrs Harvey