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Year 8 Trip to the Museum of Brands and the Design Museum

On Tuesday, pupils from 8JN, 8JC, 8JR, and 8GP visited The Museum of Brands for inspiration for their business ideas for the Shark Tank Event, part of their KidsMBA project. They participated in a Brand Evolution workshop, where they learned about the purpose of packaging and the development of supermarket brands from Victorian times to the present. In groups, they then worked on improving packaging designs based on consumer habits and market trends.

Given that sustainability is a key consideration for their business ideas and products, the pupils also took part in a workshop focused on environmentalism, designing future-oriented products with sustainability at the forefront.

The rest of Year 8 visited the Design Museum and took part in two fascinating hands-on workshops – one on sustainable design and innovative materials and the other on considering the concepts that go into making well-designed products.

Miss G Chrisostomou
Mrs L Miller