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Exam Results

A Level Results

We congratulate our pupils on their outstanding A Level results and on the university places which they have secured, across a wide range of disciplines at prestigious institutions in the UK and overseas.

With 37% of passes at A* and 66% at A* or A (the national average is 45%) these are our best A Level results on record, reflecting the outstanding efforts of our pupils and teachers in the face of the pandemic; 92 pupils (76%) gained places at their first choice university, including two to Cambridge, four to study Medicine and two to study Music at Guildhall conservatoire. International destinations include McGill in Canada, Viije in the Netherlands and Chapman University in California, where two of our leavers will embark on degrees in Film Production.

As ever, the diversity of Millhillians’ talents and interests is reflected in their chosen courses which include; Law, Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, Engineering, Business and Management, Automotive Engineering, Art, History and English Literature.

GCSE Results

We congratulate our pupils on the excellent GCSE results announced today, recognising that for all pupils and staff this has once again been a particularly challenging year.

With 25% of passes at the top grade of 9 and 73% at grades 7-9 this is an outstanding outcome and testament to the hard work and talent of pupils and teachers alike.