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We recognise the importance of preparing pupils for life beyond Mill Hill School through our extensive Careers programme. Pupils are equipped for working life by attending various events throughout the academic year and a bespoke PSHE Careers programme.

Fourth Form

Fourth Form pupils follow our “Developing Skills and Values” course, focusing on transferable skills, twenty first century employment skills and the importance of personal values. This is very much the foundation of the Careers programme.


Remove pupils progress to looking at “Interview Skills and the Workplace”. Pupils are taught about and develop interview skills, researching Careers options, effective networking and developing confidence and assertiveness. Some of these lessons allow them to fully prepare for the Remove Careers Morning [please see list of events below].

Fifth Form

Fifth Form pupils focus on “Preparing for the Future”, preparing an initial CV, links between subject choices and Careers, teamwork and manageability and preparation for work experience.

Sixth Form

As part of the Sixth Form Lecture Series, pupils take part in lectures and sessions relating to various careers. Sixth Form pupils are also an integral part of the Careers Committee, leading up to Careers Week and are given the opportunity to develop professional mentoring skills, in conjunction with Belmont School. They may also choose to attend Old Millhillians Careers events in central London, allowing them to meet and network with past pupils who may provide professional opportunities. At the beginning of the academic year, pupils are invited to a networking lunch with external visitors in The Large. Lower Sixth Form pupils also complete a Professional Skills Course in May, concentrating on four key elements of a typical graduate job application. Resources relating to writing an effective CV, cover letter and practising interview skills are available on Firefly.

The Careers Office/Careers Clinic

The Careers department is based in the Careers Office, providing a base for the Careers Clinic and meetings with pupils. The Careers Clinic operates on a weekly basis and pupils from all year groups are able to book one to one appointments. Pupils are given a detailed summary of careers they are interested in, possible opportunities for work experience as well as discussing school leaver and apprenticeship programmes. The Careers Office also contains books for pupils to borrow.

These initiatives have very much been enabled by help from The Old Millhillians, the Mill Hill School parents’ network and other contacts. The Careers department will always gratefully receive further contacts and offers of attendance at various Careers events. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you are able to attend any of our events.