Instrumental Music Competition Final | Senior School | Mill Hill School

Instrumental Music Competition Final

The Instrumental Music Competition Final was a great success, we live-streamed for a second time and had a total of 190 viewers. If you missed it and would like to see how the night unfolded please click here.

We would like to give a huge congratulations to all pupils who took part and gave such wonderful performances. The winners can be seen below:

Category A – Beginner to Grade 1

Freddie Goldstone Cedars Piano Allegro in F Mozart

Category B – Grades 2 to 3

Cengiz Akar Ridgeway Piano Shelter Porter Robinson and Madeon

Category C – Grades 4 to 5

Jenna Masoomzadeh Murray Hammer dulcimer Ey Iran Pashang

Category D – Grades 6 to 8

Joel Lee Cedars Piano Valse lente Merikanto

Category E – Ensemble

Zany Denyer

Ellen Baumring-Gledhill



Piano four hands Sonata for piano four hands Poulenc

Category F – Post-Grade 8

Zany Denyer McClure Piano Cadenza to Concerto No. 3 in C minor Beethoven

Accompanist Prize – Zany Denyer