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Belmont - Geography


We aim to provide students with a geographical education which is up to date, relevant to their lives and encourages independent learning and an enquiring mind.

We aim to extend students’ locational knowledge and key geographical skills. Students study the interrelationships between the human and physical worlds, how they affect each other and how they might be managed in more sustainable ways.

At Key Stage 3 we follow the national curriculum, using CE syllabus to extend and are mindful of their future GCSE course.

The topics covered in each year:

Year 6 – An introduction to Geography: Human, Physical & Environmental, Locational Knowledge, O.S. map skills, Settlement, Home region, Flooding causes, effects & management – case study, British climate & Global warming.

Year 7 – Economic Activities (industry), Poor countries, Population Issues – One in 7 Billion, O.S. mapping, Environmental issues – Extinction!, river & coasts.
Fieldtrip – River study in Lake District in June.

Year 8 – Transport & globalization, Wild world weather, Volcanoes & Earthquakes – a rumbling Earth, Glaciation – Ice age, Geography in the News – Topical/Current geography.