Activities & Clubs

In addition to the academic curriculum, we run over 50 clubs each term, and always make sure we offer a breadth and variety of activities that guarantee that every child can find their niche.

Our activities are designed to nurture your child’s intellectual ability, spark their creativity, inspire them, develop leadership and team skills, and – of course – to be fun

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ANCIENT GREEK During Tuesday lunchtimes (1.30pm-2.00pm) a certain number of Year 8 pupils will be invited to come to Room 8 to learn the language of Ancient Greek.  Mr. Clement
ART SCHOLARS Tuesday night from 4-5pm for Year 8 pupils by invitation. Selection is based on artistic aptitude and commitment is all important.  During this time, children are given opportunities to explore personal ideas and work on independent projects.  Mr. McNulty
BAKING Baking is one of the best ways for adults and children alike to relax after a busy day – there is also nothing better than a freshly baked treat straight out of the oven! If you would like to learn how to bake a range of goodies, from vanilla cupcakes to triple chocolate brownies, then Baking Club is for you! Places are limited to 10.

Monday – 4:00pm-5:00pm – Y6, 7&8

Tuesday 3:45pm-5:00pm – Year 3, 4&5

Thursday – 4:00pm-5:00pm – Y6, 7&8

Book Club Each week, students will be encouraged to read a chapter of a chosen book and write some discussion questions. This club is designed to help develop critical thinking in response to a range of literature. It is open to all abilities, but will ideally be designed as an extension for the more able. Miss Bufton and Mrs Hunt
BOP DANCE BOP is a Dance club that focuses on motivation, discipline and performance.  Georgia and Lauren are really excited to bring their cheerleading, hip hop and street jazz skills to Belmont and work towards some amazing shows!

There are three sessions, the early session from 3:45pm to 4:30pm is for Year 3&4; 4:30 to 5:15 for Year 5, Year 6 upwards start at 5:15 to 6:00pm on Wednesdays in the chapel.

Pupils in the 2nd & 3rd session will complete their homework with a Belmont teacher in Rm13. Georgia Greenham

CHESS This is a club open to anyone from beginner to advanced; come along and learn how to play.  There are also a number of competitions against other schools.
Lower School Tuesday and Friday lunchtime 12:30pm-1:15pm Upper School Wednesday and Friday lunchtime 1:20pm-2:05pm
All age groups Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm
CODING This club is for pupils interested in programming using industry standard programming languages. Expect text based programming (not dragging and dropping blocks of code). This is a tough head-scratcher (it will make you think) for those who want to learn to solve computer problems using programming code. E.g. how to make the computer play happy birthday using only text based code. How to offer a menu of choices to a user and react to the user’s selection. How to get the computer to tell a joke. This will be challenging but will set you on the road to explore programming languages further for yourself.

Thursday 1.20pm-2:00pm, Years 7&8 pupils

In the Computing Suite (Ground Floor Chapman building)

CREATIVE Get creative with your friends and make pictures, cards, pencil holders and a whole lot more!  This is a lunchtime activity for Years 3 and 4 (maximum 20 children) that will take place every Thursday in Rm25. Mrs. Slade
CRICKET Girls Cricket, every Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes in the gym with Mr Weekes.  All abilities welcome from Y5 upwards.

Team Practice for 1st & 2nd Squads (pupils will be invited for this session):

Held at Mill Hill School on Monday nights, from 4:00pm-5:15pm with Mr Weekes & Mr Warden

Year 5&6 boys (invitation only) are invited to attend a Nets session at Mill Hill School on Tuesdays

CROSS COUNTRY & FITNESS TRAINING This club is open to all pupils who would like to improve their overall fitness levels by a variety of different activities. We will start in the gym from 7:30 until 8:00 on Wednesdays, changing rooms will be open to get changed.
Debating Club Tuesdays Year 6-8 1.35-2.05pm in R39

Equipping our young people with strong voices for the future is vital. Each week, students will learn how to structure an argument, how to respond to difficult questions and about the world around them. Mr McBurnie

D&T Lower School (Y4&5) – Thursday lunchtimes, 12:30pm-1:15pm in the DT workshop

Come to D&T Club and get making! The possibilities are endless; textiles, electronics, construction kits, vacuum forming, and woodwork…whatever your heart desires!

Collect a slip from outside the D&T room and return it promptly; children will be allowed to attend on a first come first served basis.

DT Scholarship classes for Y8 pupils will continue on Friday lunchtime from 1:15pm-2:00pm

ECO Would you like to learn and take part in an eco-friendly activity?

Happy creating full of eco-friendly art supplies like felt stickers, eco-paint, recycled cards and envelopes, pom-poms, recycled felt, glue, recycled crayons, pipe cleaners, recycled paper, craft scissors, wooden buttons, beads, craft sticks, and more. With a chance to achieve The British Science Association (STEM) – Crest Star certificate. Monday, 4.00pm- 5.00pm, all year groups. Miss V Risianova

English Scholarship Year 8 students who have demonstrated flair, talent and outstanding effort in English may be asked to study for a Scholarship at Mill Hill School. The scholarship process is designed to challenge the best students in the close analysis and critical interpretation of a variety of literary texts, drawn from any genre and period. The students will also develop their ability to write in a well-structured, mature and imaginative manner in response to prompt questions and evaluate their own opinions in response to a variety of viewpoints. Potential scholars will be identified following the Y8 November tests and will have their interview and short writing piece in January. Those sitting for Scholarship are supported through study sessions run by the Head of English at Belmont. Mill Hill Head of English will also spend some time meeting with students and running a workshop prior to the interview. Miss Bufton
FANTASY FOOTBALL The Fantasy Football Club provides the opportunity for fans of football to try their hand at managing their own team. The children will manage a budget and pick players that will score points for their team. The team will then compete in a private Belmont league. The club will meet weekly to discuss the performance of their team, make transfers and analyse the performance data of their players to achieve the best outcome for their team. Prizes will be awarded for “Manger of the Month” and for final league positions.

Only open to Year 6, Tuesday, 4.00pm-5.00pm

FOOTBALL (YEAR 3 & 4) Danny Bailey (ex-professional footballer) is providing an opportunity for the Year 3 & 4 boys and girls to develop their football skills and techniques.  This activity will take place on Tuesday nights from 3:45pm-4:45pm in the gym.  The cost of this club is £70 per term, starting on Tuesday 25th September.  There are only 24 places available.
FIVES Eton Fives is a very rare and unique sport played in a three walled court with a step and buttress in the court with ledges around the outside. Belmont plays many fixtures at all age groups against many local schools and competes at the National Schools Championship in March. It aids other sports like hockey and cricket significantly. Trainers are a minimum requirement. If you are unable to make the training session indicated in the table please talk to me. Mr Rennie

Y7&8 Club – Monday nights

Girls – Tuesday nights

Y5&6 – Wednesday nights

Y3&4 – Thursday nights

FRENCH FOR YEAR 8 BEGINNERS (COMPULSORY) A compulsory club, Tuesday from 4:05pm until 4.50pm in Room 2 with Mrs McRill.
FOREST SCHOOLS Based in the grounds of Belmont, the Forest School programme aims to encourage and inspire children’s of all ages through an innovative approach to outdoor learning in a woodland environment. The Forest School club will run every Tuesday evening (3:30pm-4:30pm) from 26th  September until the 17th October. Places are limited to 12 pupils and the programme is open to pupils in Year 3 & 4. So if you are interested in exploring and learning in the beautiful grounds around school, this is the perfect opportunity to do so!
GERMAN Every Thursday from 12:30pm until 1:00pm in Room 19 with Mrs Bridge: An opportunity to try your hand at another major European language and develop a greater sense of intercultural understanding. You will learn the basics while also enjoying songs, games and arts and crafts. Wunderbar!
HISTORY An activity for pupils in Years 6-8 who enjoy learning about history.  Club will be held every Friday in Room 33 during lunchtime.  Included in activities are possible trips to various sites in Britain, also chances to be involved in occasional overseas trips. There will also be an opportunity for those entering the Townsend-Warner History Prize (Yrs7-8) to develop their skills during this activity. Other activities include watching videos, quizzes, games, etc. No cost except for trips.
HOCKEY Year 3 & 4 Hockey Club is taking place on Tuesday after school from 3:45pm to 5:00pm on the large astro. The practice will be run by our Hockey Coach Lucy Barrett (former England Hockey Player). This is a great opportunity for all Year 3 girls to learn new hockey skills and develop their co-ordination and spatial awareness.

Year 5&6 Hockey Club is taking place on Wednesday after school from 3:45pm to 5:00pm on the large astro. The practice will be run by our Hockey Coach Lucy Barrett (England Hockey Player) and is compulsory for the ‘A’ Teams only.

Year 7&8 Hockey Club is taking place on Thursdays after school from 4:00pm to 5:00pm on the large astro. The practice will be run by our Hockey Coach Lucy Barrett (England Hockey Player) and is compulsory for all teams.

HORSE RIDING Open to children in Y4-8 from beginner to advanced standard.  Please wear appropriate clothing, hats can be borrowed.

Parents to collect from the London Equestrian Centre at 5:30pm, children who are booked on the late bus will be brought back to school at 5:45pm          

KEYBOARD SKILLS CHALLENGE Do you like playing fun, challenging adventure games?  Do you want to learn to type quickly? Yes?  Then this club is definitely for you!!  Typer Island is a wonderful mysterious place full of bridges, rewards and challenges.  The better your typing becomes the more treasures you will find.  Your goal is to reach the Castle and become the ruler of Typer Island.  The adventure consists of several fun typing activities, including lessons, games and challenges.  Just follow the path to the castle and you will be touch-typing in no time.

This club will take place on Friday 12:30pm-1:15pm for any keen typists in Year 3,4 & Year 5 pupils.  The club will be on a first come, first served basis.  It will initially only be open to ten pupils.

LEGO Come along and be creative with ‘Lego’ – the world’s most popular toy. Build your own models to put on display in Room 20 for a week. Then next week, pull them apart and start again, with an even better creation! Members are also asked to bring along their spare unwanted lego to help the rest of the club with their creative inventions.   Club numbers are limited to 16 pupils.

Tuesday 12.30pm-1.15pm

LEMON JELLY- DRAMA, DANCE & SINGING The Lemon Jelly Drama club for Year 3,4 & 5’s  is a fun way to gain confidence, make new friends and have fun! Our classes also help improve participants creative, public speaking and literacy skills.

The cost of the course is £75.  The course will run every Thursday from 4-5pm in the gym.

MATHS CLINIC If you have a problem in Maths (small or big, easy or hard) please do not suffer in silence!

Maths clinic is now running daily for Upper School pupils:

1:05pm-1:30pm in Room 31

Maths clinic is intended for sorting out any difficulties pupils may experience during the course of the year. Staff will deal with reinforcing skills and helping with misconceptions. There is no set list of topics for individual sessions.

Pupils need to bring their own ‘questions’ to the surgery, the emphasis being on the individual to attend rather than the teacher recommending attendance. The Maths Department.

MINDFULNESS COLOURING Fun tasks focusing the awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings and thoughts. We will be engaging in mindfulness colouring, nature walks, meditation exercises, visualisations and musical and art activities awakening the senses.

Thursday lunchtime for lower school pupils; 12.45pm-1.15pm

NETBALL Year 3 Netball Club is taking place on Wednesday Lunchtimes from 12:40pm to 1:10pm. The practice is open to all girls in Year 3. It will take place on the small astro.

Year 4&5 Netball Club is taking place on Thursday Lunchtimes from 12:40pm to 1:10pm. The practice is for the Teams only. It will take place on the small astro.

Year 6 Netball Club is taking place on Monday Lunchtimes from 1:20pm to 2:05pm. It will take place on the small astro.

Year 7&8 Netball Club is taking place on Tuesday Lunchtimes from 1:20pm to 2:05pm. It will take place on the small astro.

Lower School and Upper School Netball Shooting Club are taking place on Friday Lunchtimes.

Y7A & Y8A Netball Clubs are taking place on Friday after school from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. The practice is to prepare the girls for the IAPS national competitions.

OTI All those interested in running the Oti course in a competitive manner should report to the start of the course every Tuesday at 1:15pm. Mr Ince will be waiting for the first arrivals.  Boys and girls should change in the top changing rooms.  Pupils will then aim to improve their times and become familiar with the run. Mr Ince
PHONICS & PRONUNCIATION This club will be open to Years 3,4 & 5 on Wednesday from 12.45pm- 1.15pm. The club will be an introduction to the phonetic chart, sounds of English and articulation.
PUZZLE This club takes place on Wednesday lunchtime in SEN Rm 1.  A club to stretch minds of all ages. Lots of different puzzles and challenges from lateral thinking to K’nex construction.  Mrs Sulkin & Mrs Wiltshire
REPORTING The children can learn how to write a news story, write captions and headlines. They will also learn how to take effective photographs and learn how to use Publisher which will help them create their own newspaper.
RUGBY Year 3 – Tuesday & Thursday lunchtime

Pupils from year 3 have the chance to develop their rugby skills on both lunchtimes.  All pupils meet in the quad.  This activity will take place on the fields.

Year 4, 5 & 6 Monday nights – this club is open to all abilities from 4:00pm-5:15pm.

Year 7&8 Tuesday nights – this club is open to all abilities from 4:00pm-5:15pm

U12A and U13 A Squads – Thursday Night 4:00pm-5:15pm.

Y6, 7 & 8 Rugby Video Analysis Training – Monday lunchtimes.

SEWING & CRAFT Children in Years 4 and 5 come and learn different stitches and create fun projects. You could even make your Christmas gifts!  Wednesday 3:30pm-4:30pm in the Art Room.
SING OUT If you enjoy singing all different styles of music from Pop to Rock to Music Theatre and like to perform in concerts then come along to Sing Out Group!

You will learn how to sing with confidence and in harmony and will hopefully have lots of fun! You will be invited on trips and also go away on tour. Come along and give it a go! Mrs Perrin, Miss Greaves & Mr Warren

Wednesday, 7.55am-8.25am, Y6,7&8

SPANISH Hola niños! Come along and learn some Spanish in a fun and interactive way. Learn key words and common phrases that will come in useful if you ever go on holiday to Spain. ¡Hasta pronto!

Tuesday, 12.30pm-1.15p, (Y3,4&5) Meet in the lobby (Jubilee Building) Ms Sutherns

STEM STEM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) – 6 Weeks

STEM club can provide students with an opportunity to gain teamwork and leadership skills and increase confidence in the STEM subjects. Students get to work on a great range of activities and practical work in all aspects of STEM.

The STEM club will be for Year 7 students from 1.25 – 2pm every Thursday lunchtime in Room 37. ( ACa & RG)

STOCKS & SHARES Everything you need to know about investing your money. The dos and the don’ts. We will look at stock markets, how current affairs effect the markets, and we will look at the individual performance of businesses. You will find out what makes amazing companies, such as Apple, tick. We will be making our own investments (not with real money), and we will track their progress over the term. The winners will receive a prize. So if you’re in year 7 or 8 and you’d like to know more about the business world and investing, then join the club. There is no cost for this. Tuesday 1:30pm – 2:00pm, Room 32.
SWIMMING Year 4-8 Tuesday &  after October half term Y2&3 Thursday morning

Open all pupils who can swim lengths; swimming squad training takes place every Tuesday & Thursday morning before school.  Please be at Mill Hill pool for a 7:00am start.  For 30/45 minutes we concentrate on lengths’ work, sprints, race starts and endurance development.

TABLE TENNIS Gergely Urban runs our table tennis clubs.  Whilst playing he has been nationally and internationally ranked as a singles player and coaches some of the best junior boys and girls nationwide.  He will be coaching at Belmont to hone the skills of all abilities across all ages.

Every Monday 4:00pm-5:00pm for Squad training (which is selective) for Y4-8

Every Tuesday 4:00-5:00pm for Y6,7&8 – Open to all abilities.

Every Wednesday lunch for lower school girls; 12:30-1:15pm

Every Wednesday 4:00-5:00pm for Y3,4 &5 – Open to all abailities

The cost of the cost is £70 per club per term.

TANG SOO DO This is a Korean martial art of self-defence.  Tang Soo Do is taught in a non-contact environment. Training includes the teaching of self defence techniques, hand and foot techniques, controlled sparring and free fighting, stances, pattern forms, and breathing exercises.   Beginner classes are suitable for all year groups. The classes follow a structured teaching and grading program leading to Black Belt qualification.

Participants can train in ordinary loose clothing for the first few lessons but will require a training uniform and club membership.

Classes every Wednesday (term time) 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm.  Class fees are £75 per term

YEAR 8 PLAY This year’s show will be announced soon!  The will be auditions and then regular rehearsals on Monday and Tuesdays after school in the chapel 4-5pm. The Y8 show is always a highlight of school life at Belmont. I look forward to seeing lots of you for auditions.  Mrs Russo
YOUNG ENTERPRISE Have you got a business mind? Would you like to test your entrepreneurial skills? This club will help you to set up your own mini company and design and manufacture a product to sell. Learn about product, place, price and promotion. You will test your business ability by selling your products at the Belmont Winter Wonderland Christmas Fair. There will also be an opportunity to compete head to head against the other mini companies in the Belmont Young Enterprise Competition.Lower School, Tuesday, 12:040pm-1:05pm

Upper School, Thursday, 1:10pm-1:55pm

Young Writers Club As they say: ‘you can borrow a book, but you get to keep the ideas’. This club is all about celebrating writing: writers from the canon, modern writers, your favourite writers (…and Mr McBurnie’s favourite writers). Each week, students will read a text of choice and engage with the writer’s construction: themes, ideas, language and structure. With these skills, they will then create their own literary greats. Mr McBurnie

Monday 1.35-2.05pm Year 6-8 in R39