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I hope that you have all have had a good week, much better I’m sure than our elected representatives in Westminster. As a history teacher the political events of the past couple of years are going to be a fascinating period for modern historians to study. Scholarly matters The subject of Brexit didn’t make it […]

Happy New Year A very Happy New Year to all of you.  I hope that you had a restful break and that 2019 brings you and your family health and happiness. Assembly It was lovely to welcome all the children back to school on Monday and I think they have all had a busy and […]

Dear Parents, On Monday evening, following a governors’ meeting, I attended a dinner that is put on annually by governors to say thank you to the Mill Hill School Staff and Monitors. These Upper Sixth Form students, who are given extra responsibility in the same way our Prefects are in Year 8, were an absolute […]

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