Burton Bank

Burton Bank is ideally located on the edge of the main School campus at the bottom of Wills Grove.

A five minute stroll will take the boys and girls to wherever they need to go, be it lessons or the dining hall, whilst not being in the heart of the main buildings allows the pupils the escape from the hustle and bustle of our busy School.

In essence, life in Burton Bank comes to mean camaraderie, a deep rooted loyalty to fellow pupils, a keen sense of belonging and the start of lifelong friendships. Pupils in any good House will universally claim that theirs has the best ‘House Spirit’, this unique supportive sense of cohesion and togetherness allows the pupils to perform to the best of their ability and, often above their expectations and hopes in many walks of School life. In this sense Burton Bank leads the way. In everyday life, Burton Bank is a place in which to seek good company, to have fun away from the rigours of academic pursuits, to enjoy down time and relax after a hard game or alternatively to slave over an essay or diligently do research for that vital piece of coursework.

We always endeavour to foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere within the House to make it home from home. The boys and girls are encouraged to develop an industrious work ethic allied with a good sense of humour, politeness and good manners; all qualities which will stand them in good stead for the outside world which awaits them. My wife Laura and I, coupled with an incredibly devoted House team, all strive to nurture excellent relationships within year groups as well as the positive rapport across year groups where the senior pupils set the standards for the younger members of the house to follow.