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Lecture Series

In 2003, following discussions in Sixth Form focus groups, Mill Hill launched an evening lecture series.

The plan was for the lectures to be aimed at the whole Mill Hill School community, with pupils, parents, teachers, past pupils and their families all being welcomed to events. The lectures were also to be opened up to other local schools and Mill Hill residents. Ten years on, thousands of people have attended dozens of lectures and the series has become an important part of the Mill Hill calendar.

Lectures have included those on topics as diverse as Classical History, delivered by an extraordinarily energetic Terry Jones; journalism and politics, with presenters including Jonathan Dimbleby, Sir Peter Hennesy and Old Millhillian Sir Simon Jenkins and the Crick Science and Medicine lectures. Crick lecturers have included many leading academics such as Professor Derek Yellon, Professor Sir Alec Jeffries and Professor Steve Jones. Pupils and Teachers have also presented lectures as part of the Heroes Series; Leonard Bernstein, Bob Dylan and Alec Issigonis amongst others have featured here.

Valuable links have been built up with universities who have provided speakers. Queen Mary’s University of London, University College London, University of Kent, University of Leicester and University of Birmingham have all been supporters. Leading academics from these universities have provided us with many stimulating and entertaining evenings.

Back in 2003, it was hoped that the Lecture Series would interest and inspire the broadest possible audience. It has been more successful than we could have hoped.