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Our Nursery classes today joined together for a full day of school in preparation for Reception next year. They spent the day meeting their new teachers and getting to know children from different classes. They also had lunch for the first time in school and coped beautifully with this responsibility; carrying their plates carefully to […]

Every class at Grimsdell presents an assembly once a year. They have to work together to find a good subject matter, often linked to the theme or topic we are covering, and thread together aspects of their learning in an entertaining way. These are always delightful to watch and of a high standard. This week’s […]

Our Outdoor Classroom Day was a huge success with the whole school taking as much learning outside as much as possible. We were blessed with beautiful weather which certainly helped, but there was also a wonderful sense of wellbeing and enjoyment about learning usual ‘room based’ lessons outside. Clipboards, resources and equipment were all brought […]

Following the success of Wellbeing Week we have tried at Grimsdell to consider ways in which we can retain some of the really popular moments within the fabric of Grimsdell life. One such activity was the morning ‘parent and child’ mindfulness club. This was a fantastic opportunity for parents and children to find a moment […]