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Grimsdell - English


At Grimsdell, we recognise that the key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing are fundamental to children’s learning.

We promote high standards of Literacy by equipping children with the skills of spoken and written language, whilst developing their love of reading.

Children will also have a weekly library session where they will learning library and research skills in addition to building a love of books and reading. Here they have access to a wide range of carefully selected and constantly refreshed titles, including magazines, newspapers and audio books. We have a dedicated librarian, Mrs Clare Harvey, who guides and supports each pupil in their love of books and reading.

“Literacy is the foundation for all other learning, the means by which youngsters develop critical thinking skills. It is the vehicle through which humans can make sense of our world and ourselves.” (Raphael, 2000)

Our Creative Curriculum increases pupil’s interest, involvement and achievement in English by providing children with exciting ‘hands on’ experiences to help stimulate their imagination, express their opinions/ideas and write for a variety of different purposes. Children are immersed in literature from a range of genres, both fiction and non-fiction.