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Music and Drama

Music and Drama are hugely exciting and successful at Grimsdell. They are an integral part of our school days, assemblies, productions and festival celebrations.

We are a Sing Up platinum school and we love to sing: we sing in class, between activities, when we are lining up and when we leave assembly. Singing helps our children become more confident and creative. It allows children to focus quickly and naturally and is also great fun!

Each child has two class music lessons a week as well as a Year Group singing and drama session. In these sessions, Kodaly and Dalcroze methods have been taught at Early Years and Key Stage 1. Kodaly’s method offers a way of naming sounds (relative solfa), using a simple language to discuss and understand musical structure. Dalcroze developed a system of teaching rhythm called ‘Eurythmics’. It is a quick and fun way to learn how rhythm is constructed, combining the physical movement with the visual and aural.

Nursery and Reception participate in ‘Singing circles’, using a wide range of simple songs, which are all introduced with large pictures and other resources. The children work on pulse, call and response songs and create a simple accompaniment using percussion instruments.

Year 1 and 2 develop their ability to read and understand rhythmic notation, using a variety of games and movement work.They also work on their singing and performance skills using a wide range of repertoire in two and three parts. Year 1 learn to play the recorder, focusing on how to make a good sound and perform as a class. They learn the notes B, G, A, C and D using a variety of songs. Year 2 learn to play on the keyboard in half classes. The children work on play and compose, using the notes Do, Re, Me, Fa, Sol with both hands and correct hand positions. In addition, we offer two school choirs to Year 1 and 2 children. Violin, Cello and Keyboard clubs are also open to Year 2 as a second optional instrumental learning.

Throughout the year, all the children produce excellent performances: A whole school Nativity play at Christmas in our own chapel; and each year group puts on its own production, including dance and music which they perform at the Mill Hill School Theatre on a wonderful stage with lights, music, costumes and scenery. Every child has a speaking part and is given their time to shine.

Our achievements were recognised by the Independent Schools Inspectorate and they awarded us an OUTSTANDING in Music!