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Our School

Our approach to learning is to harness that energy and enthusiasm so that your child will love coming to school every day.

Our aim is to instil in your child a deep and natural love of learning that will stay with them forever. Our curriculum is rich and diverse and extends well beyond the National Curriculum. It is both demanding and exciting, giving your child the chance to excel in so many areas. Girls and boys learn, work and play together and they will quickly develop excellent social skills and learn to be adaptable and emotionally intelligent; making friends with boys and girls and know they are equal.

We encourage every pupil to embrace challenge and to understand that success comes from hard work and persistence. At Grimsdell, we welcome failure because only by willing to risk failure do we try things we find difficult. We teach this positive mindset actively so your child will understand how they best learn from a young age.

At Grimsdell we teach our themes across the whole school, each year group tackling it in a different way and developing their skills in core subject areas such as reading, writing and arithmetic. We encourage children to question, enquire and problem solve. They work in groups or pairs to discuss, debate and think critically and creatively. They build strong verbal skills so they are keen and able to write about their ideas and thoughts. Practical tasks test their thinking and challenge them to
be creative, all the while building their independence and confidence.

When young children are encouraged to respect each other and always to see people as individuals, they carry this with them through life. They bring the best out of other people, and blossom themselves because they are ready to seize every opportunity. Our pupils’ willingness to try anything is one of their biggest strengths.

Children develop best when their teachers and family work together to help them learn and be happy. We will always keep you well informed about your child’s progress, and welcome you into school whenever you want to talk to their teacher. Your involvement in school events, projects, workshops and trips makes them very special for everyone.

The Grimsdell Way

Above all we value kindness, and expect our children to be responsible for their actions and have moral integrity. We:

  • treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • are honest
  • share
  • forgive
  • listen
  • are kind and helpful
  • are cooperative
  • do our best to be our best
  • share our worries

The Policy to Safeguard and Promote Welfare of Children who are pupils at the school October 2017