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The Registrar, Maria De Aveiro Fernandez, reviews all applications to The Mount, Mill Hill International.

There are three points of entry into the School – the 13+ (Year 9) entry, the 14+ (Year 10 – Two-Year GCSE course) entry and the 15+ (Year 11 – One-Year GCSE course) entry and the 14-16 entry (Fast Track Course). Pupils may apply for full boarding, weekly boarding or day places.

Pupils may take the entrance tests either at The Mount, Mill Hill International or at an office invigilated by an agreed School or agent. All candidates are interviewed (either face-to-face or via Skype) and sit examinations in English, Mathematics, and Mother Tongue.

Ms De Aveiro Fernandez will be happy to advise on applications. Year 9 pupils are required IELTS level of 4.0; Year 10 (Two-Year GCSE course) a minimum of 4.5; the One Year GCSE Course a minimum of 5.0 and the Fast Track Course a minimum of 3.0 – 4.0. However, the pupils do not need to have taken an IELTS test; IELTS levels are used as indicators of English ability. School references and the latest reports will be required, and these form an important part of the decision process before making offers.