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Leavers Testimonials

William Kilbourn-Obtained AAA

Oxford University-French and Linguistics

The experiences and lasting memories created at school are without doubt intrinsically linked to the people you are surrounded by, both teachers and other pupils. There are two things that stand out when I consider my time at Mill Hill: the sport and the trips.

Playing sport, especially cricket, was one of the main ways I grew bonds with friends at the same time as pursuing something that was fun and that I was passionate about. In terms of trips, the highlight would have to be the Zambia partnership project, which was extremely eye opening and rewarding.

Whilst university is a huge step from school, I did feel prepared. I feel the sixth form encompasses a good balance between school and university life with the way teachers treat you, the private study system and the new sixth form centre. I can definitely say that the relevant department teachers played a big role in inspiring me to do my degree subject.


Matthew Berrick–Obtained A*A*A

Leeds University-Politics

After spending my entire education in the Mill Hill foundation I gained access to an excellent education with a variety of opportunities to engage with other students, in academia I was able to join the English society alongside the Student Council which enabled me to broaden my communication abilities as well as my appreciation of literature. In terms of leisure activities, I was given the opportunity to join a variety of teams such as hockey and rugby and pursue many different experiences such as the CCF.

From the Business department I was regularly given feedback weekly and I was provided with the tools I needed to revise through workshops on weekends before my exams. Similarly in the English department, the teaching staff were incredibly helpful in both giving me feedback regularly and boosting my essay writing confidence as the year progressed.

One lasting memory of Mill Hill was the culture and ethos of my English classroom in my final year of school with Mr Bingham, he boosted moral in our class and enabled us to all confidently respond to our required texts whilst making the subject area interesting and actively engaging. My fascination with the inner workings of the American and British system incentivised me to pursue career opportunities relating to this area, which is why I am currently studying politics at Leeds University and plan to do a law conversion shortly after.


Jake Sugg-Obtained A*A*A*

Bath University–Natural Sciences

When I first joined Mill Hill I had never left home for long periods of time. Initially it was quite a shock and I struggled to adapt. However, with amazing support from friends, teachers and Mr and Mrs Turner who were always there to help, I quickly started to love my time at Mill Hill.

The science department at Mill Hill were amazing and took me from Bs and Cs at the start of AS to A*’s at the end. Not only did they improve my grades but they also gave me a love for science which inspired me to do natural sciences at Bath.

I boarded at Burton Bank before going to University which provided a great transition to being more independent. Going to University was much less of a shock and so far I’m having a really good time.

I will never forget Mill Hill and will always go back to visit and see everyone. I miss it a lot and it’s been a valuable part of my life.