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Bursaries open the door to a Mill Hill education regardless of a child’s means, it is something that we are proud of and haven’t lost sight of since our school was founded in 1807.

When Samuel Favel and John Pye-Smith met in the coffee houses of Trafalgar and first envisioned Mill Hill School, they laid the foundation for a community that would welcome talented pupils regardless of status.

This commitment has continued throughout our history. During WW2, Old Millhillian Dick Auty formed the Yorkshire Bursary Group and established 21 new bursaries. Later, the Middlesex Scheme shaped the lives of dozens of boys every year. Today, recipients of A Better Chance bursaries continue this legacy.

Inclusivity is woven into the fabric of Mill Hill School

More than 10% of school children in Barnet come from families who earn just a fraction of the school fees to attend Mill Hill. Our aim is to double the number of bursary recipients at Mill Hill so that 10% of our pupils are in receipt of a transformational bursary.

With your help, Mill Hill will be able to power positive change within our borough and help to fulfil the potential of those that lack opportunities through circumstance.

‘Coming to Mill Hill, receiving the support that I did from my teachers and being in this environment made me realise that anything is possible. Mill Hill gave me the confidence to believe that I could do anything.’

Evelyn Taylor, (Winfield 2019-2021) Bursary recipient

  • A full Bursary for one year:

  • £18.07

    if 119 donors give monthly for a year

  • £180.07

    if 72 donors give twice a year

  • £1807

    if 14 donors gift over 5 years ((that is £150 a month)