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PE & Games Department’s Philosophy

Here at Belmont, it shouldn’t matter if the pupil is striving to be the captain of the A team netball or simply wants to play recreational football.

Each pupil should have the same experience of the Belmont way; the feeling of anticipation on match day, the butterflies before the whistle blows, the sense of excitement when you’re winning and the opportunity to practice resilience when you’re down in the match. Every pupil, regardless of ability or activity, should feel valued, challenged and encouraged. Each pupil, whatever sport or team should feel that pride when wearing a Belmont shirt and experience the special feeling when a teacher pats them on the back and says ‘well done’ or sits with them at lunch and is interested in how they are getting on with their sport.

Pupils should not be driven by the outcome, for that is out of their control. It is how we get there that is the most important thing. Winning is important for Belmontians but just as important, is losing. It is how we win and how we lose which is the important thing. We must teach pupils how to win with grace and confidence and how to lose with the same grace and confidence and learn from both. The journey the pupils go on through their time at Belmont will shape who they are and how they manage in later life, and it is through their sporting experiences that they will equip themselves with the skills needed to  deal with both success and failure, which all will face at different times in the future.

We are in a privileged position where we can instil and nurture lifelong positive characteristics and values in every pupil, every day on and off the sports field.

Through PE and Games, pupils learn how to show courage and resilience, kindness and grace and how to practice empathy and determination in all they do.