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Proposed Footpath Redirections: to address safeguarding concerns

At Mill Hill School, our first priority is the safety of the pupils in our care.  At the moment, a number of footpaths cross the school grounds.  This compromises our ability to know who is on school grounds and represents a significant safeguarding challenge.

To address this, we will shortly be asking Barnet Council to redirect some of the footpaths that currently cross the school grounds. This will allow us better to control access to school property. No footpaths will be closed, but they will be redirected so that they do not pass close by boarding houses or sports facilities.

Currently footpaths cross directly through the school grounds, passing the sports pitches, tennis and netball courts and boarding houses. The footpaths link Milespit Hill to the east, with Hammers Lane and Wise Lane to the west.

Our proposed alternative route will maintain the link between Wise Lane and Milespit Hill, using existing paths within Arrandene Open Space for most of the route.  A redirected path, in part using Wills Grove, together with a short stretch of new path, will maintain the link between Milespit Hill and Hammers Lane.

A map showing the current and proposed footpaths is available; CLICK HERE >>.

The School has been part of the Mill Hill community for over 200 years and we are committed to consulting with our neighbours on these proposed redirections.

We hope that you will support our plans to redirect the footpaths and we are keen to hear your views.

Click here to read our Mythbuster Card.

You can contact us on 0800 319 6165, or email us footpath@millhill.org.uk