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Staff and Governance

Court of Governors
Chair of Governors Mr E Lipton BSc (Hons), MBA, FRSA, FRICS
Vice Chair of the
Court of Governors
Mrs S Stoneham LLB (Hons), LPC
Governors Professor E WFW Alton MA, MB, BS, MD, FRCP, FHEA, FERS, FMedSci
Mrs C Avery MA (Oxon)
Mr Simon Bayliss BSc (Hons), PGCE, MSc
Mr I Downie BSc, MIWFM, CEM Dip FM
Mr R A Eliott Lockhart MA, MPhil
Mrs S J Miller BA (Hons)
Mr A Millet BA, MBA, FCA
Mrs M Moore Msc (Dist), BA (Hons); FCIPD
Ms S Mortimer BA (Hons)
Mr N Nihat
Dr K O’Neill-Byrne BA (Hons), MB, BCh, BAO, Dip. Clin. Psych., FRCPsych
Mrs M Patel MBA
Mr M Skelly BEng (Hons), PhD, RAEngVTF
Clerk to the Court of Governors Mrs M Bassingthwaite BA (Hons)
The Foundation Senior Staff
CEO of The Mill Hill School Foundation Mr A Spencer MA (Hons), ACA
Executive Assistant to CEO, The Mill Hill School Foundation Ms J Warbey
Director of Operations Mr S Ryan MSc
Director of Finance and Resources Mrs N Marlow BA (Hons), ACA
Senior Staff
Head Mrs J Sanchez BSc (Hons) (also Enrichment)
Deputy Head (Academic) Mrs S Bernstein MSc (also Physics)
Deputy Head (Pastoral) Mr JC Dickin BA(Ed), MPS (also Physical Education)
Registrar Mr AJ Binns BA (Hons) (also Enrichment)
Assistant Head (Pupil Development and Wellbeing) Ms JM Boyle BA (Hons) (also English)
Assistant Head (Sixth Form) Mr JA Barron BSc (Hons), MA
Assistant Head (Co-Curricular and Sports) Mr TJ Vercoe BSc (Hons), MA (also Physical Education)
Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning) Mr LJ Stubbles MSci (also Physics)
Assistant Head (Staff Development and Wellbeing) Dr AT Morton BSc (Hons), MEd, PhD (also Physical Education)
Foundation Head of Boarding Mr J Taylor MA (Hons)
Atkinson Mr DT Bingham BA (Hons)
Burton Bank Mr GM Turner BSc (Hons)
Cedars Mr DL Townson MSc
Collinson Mr S Hendy BSc (Hons)
McClure Mr CM McKay BA (Hons)
Murray Mrs RL Branson BSc (Hons), MEd
New House Ms K Justice
Priestley Miss JA Thurtell BMus (Hons)
Ridgeway Mr M Fryer BSc (Hons)
School Ms SJ Bull BSc (Hons)
St Bees Mr P Potter BSc (Hons)
Weymouth Mr MJ Carruthers BEng (Hons)
Winfield Miss CL Josselin BA (Hons)
Heads of Department
Head of Art & Design Miss LHE Randell BA (Hons)
Head of Business Education Mr MS Smith BA (Hons)
Head of Careers Mrs NF Fenwick MA
Head of Classics (Acting) Mr ST Plummer, BA (Hons)
Head of DT Mr A Walmsley
Head of EAL Ms K Ferson MA
Head of English Mrs E Kaplan BA (Hons)
Head of Geography Ms GR Booth BSc (Hons), MEd
Head of University and Post School Guidance Miss LH Sharples BA (Hons)
Head of History and Politics Mr M Dickinson MA
Head of Information Technology and Computer Science Mr LAC Minett BSc (Hons), MSc, MA
Head of Learning Support Miss LN Silverman BA, Dip SpLD
Head of Mathematics Mr T Trhlik MSc
Head of Modern Languages Mr JM Norbury BA (Hons), MA
Director of Academic Music Mr A Chakravarty MA, ARCM
Director of Musical Performance Mr K Kyle BMus Hons, LRAM, PGDip Ram
Head of Physical Education Mr DL Townson MSc
Head of PSHRE Mrs CEJ Dickin BSc (Hons)
Head of Religious Studies Rev Dr RJ Warden BA, MTh, DMin
Head of Sciences and Biology Dr KR Damberg BA (Hons), MD
Head of Chemistry Dr S Radojevic BSc (Hons), PhD
Head of Physics Miss LE Fox BSc
Head of Psychology Miss HVP McKay BSc (Hons)
Director of Sport Mr AM Liffchak BSc (Hons)
Subject Teachers
Art and Design Miss JR Stoller BA (Hons)

Mr V Vannini BA (Hons)

Business Education Mr J Jesani

Mr G Seller BA (Hons)

Mrs PJ Stoughton-Harris BA (Hons)

Ms N Akhtar-Shahzad

Classics Miss ZES Griffiths BA (Hons)
Cover Supervisors Mr A Albrecht (CCF Regimental Sergeant Major)

Dr C Chrispin

Mr A Leonida

Mrs B Patel

Mr S Down

Drama Mrs P Wright Dip ACT

Mrs AL Murphy BA (Hons)

Design Technology Mr DS Van Noordwyk Dip Ed, Dip Min, FCollT
EAL Mr LAR Fletcher BA (Hons)

Mrs SC Stagg LLB

English Ms CL Berry BA (Hons)

Mr DT Bingham BA (Hons)

Miss G Conlon BA (Hons)

Mr JM Lewis MA

Mr MJ Godwin BA (Hons)

Mrs S Isaacs BEd

Mr RW Searby BA (Hons)

Geography Mrs S Hadley MA

Ms SJ Bull BSc

Miss E Williams BA (Hons)

Mr WJ Normington BA (Hons)

Residential Graduate Assistant/Graduate Assistant Mr K Bowes-Taylor

Mr G Hatherly-Hurford

Miss M Lancaster

Miss J Stevens

Miss I Wong

Ms M Goriup

Miss N Greco

Mr O Nicholls

Mr G Lound

Ms F Parry

History and Politics Ms RE Bradley MA

Mrs CE Adams BA (Hons)

Ms SEL McNally BA (Hons)

Mr MO Traeger BA (Hons)

Mr RH Taylor BA (Hons)

Miss LI Sheffield BA (Hons)

Information Technology and Computer Science Mr M Holmes

Miss EM Chalepa BSc (Hons)

Miss RA Sanby BSc (Hons)

Learning Support Mr AO Abdi MA

Ms MT McElligott BA (Hons), Cert SpLD

Ms AE Reid BA (Hons)

Miss BA Szaszkowska MA

Mrs S Habib

Mrs M Munro

Mrs K Nainani

Mr M Pearce

Ms A Ross

Mathematics Miss SL Pye BSc (Hons)

Ms W Ashraf MEng MBA

Miss EN Brereton BSc (Hons)

Mr MJ Carruthers BEng (Hons)

Miss R Emirali BSc (Hons)

Mrs VA Haria MA

Miss TT Ivacson BA (Hons)

Miss G Wijnstok BEd

Mr P Kwok BEng (Hons)

Modern Languages Miss JEM Curtis BA (Hons)

Mrs M Knowles Barron BA (Hons)

Mr A Mansilla BA (Hons)

Mrs JEA Sanitt BA (Hons)

Miss M Soriano Flórez MA

Miss CL Josselin BA (Hons)

Ms S Eldridge

Mrs N Grayson

Music Miss JA Thurtell BMus (Hons)

Ms R Mills-Goh

Physical Education Mr LC Oakes BSc (Hons)

Mrs RL Branson MEd

Mr DM Halford Advanced PGA Professional

Mr S Hendy BSc (Hons)

Mr AT Morton BSc (Hons), MEd

Mr S Patel ECB L3

Miss ZF Levin BSc (Hons)

Mr AS Rennie BSc (Hons), PGDip Fin

Miss Z Levin

Mr K Browne

Mr R Casella

Psychology Miss G Kleimberg BA (Hons)
Religious Studies Mr CA Cambridge BSc (Hons), MA

Mr AD Berg BA

Sciences Mr R Dweck BSc (Hons)

Miss Z Hagi BSc (Hons)

Miss SMC Izzo BSc (Hons)

Mr ME Jennings BSc (Hons)

Miss LJ Lilley BSc (Hons)

Mr AGV Marmery BSc (Hons)

Dr I Martin BSc (Hons), PhD

Mr GN Saint BSc (Hons)

Mr R Savva BSc (Hons)

Mr AB Shamseddine BSc (Hons)

Dr Y Yang MSc PhD

Miss SI Batsford BSc (Hons)

Support Staff
Grounds Manager Mr M Llong
Finance Manager Mr B Silwal
Activities Co-Ordinator Mrs S Ward MA
Office Manager Mrs H Bhachu BA (Hons)
PA to Head Mrs N Coltman Leigh
AM Receptionist Mrs D Sharpe-Thurgood
PM Receptionist Miss M Smith
Assistant Registrar (International) Mrs K Freese BA (Hons), MBA
Examinations Officer Mr JM Lewis MA
Examinations Administrator Miss S Williams-Walters
Attendance Administrator Mrs K Kelly
Careers Assistant Mr M Pearce
Charities Coordinator Mrs B Patel
Human Resources Manager Mr W Coomey
Head of Marketing Mrs L Symes
Marketing and Design Executive Miss K Nicolaou BA (Hons)
Digital Marketing and Content Executive Miss H Easton
Music School Administrator Mrs P Daly
Senior Biology Technician Mrs M Patel
French Assistant Mr A de Sousa
Spanish Assistant Ms L Fernandez
Junior House Parent Mr J Gifford BSc (Hons)
Design Technology Technician Mr JS Starr-Marshall
Art Technician Mr A Lockwood
Physics Technician Mrs C Hutton
Senior Chemistry Technician Ms S Gumus
Chemistry Technician Miss L Arnold
School Counsellor Ms L Alvarez
School Counsellor Ms G Santacruz
School Counsellor Mr I Paton
Librarian Mrs EA Grainger
Library Assistant Mrs T Jeganathan
Travel Coordinator and EVA Mrs K Davies
Reprographics Assistant Miss K Flynn
Compliance Manager Mrs M Zeltser LLB
Director of Commercial Operations Mrs A Greaves
Data Manager Mr J Ford BSc
Foundation Network Manager Mr A Banks BSc
IT Support Technician Mrs S E Sofroniou
Foundation IT Support Mr J Ford
Foundation IT Support Mr B Murad Adv Dip
Archivist Mr P Elliot BSc, MA, RMARA, MCLIP
Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Contingent Commander Major A Norrington
Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Regimental Sergeant Major Mr A Albrecht
House Matrons
Burton Bank Matron Ms S Patel
New House Matron Ms R Giles
Ridgeway House Matron Ms Z Kadiri
Collinson Day Matron Mrs J Manasieva NCFE CACHE
St Bees House Matron Ms J Martiskova
Development Office
Director of Development (Maternity Leave) Mrs N Joseph
Senior Development Officer Mrs J Gandhi
 Campaigns Assistant  Mrs M Duskwick
Old Millhillians’ Club
Old Millhillians’ Club Alumni Relations Secretary Mrs L Turner
Mrs A Bunyard
Mr S Chadwick
Nurse Manager Miss A Whatford RGN
Nurse Miss A Gordon
Nurse Mrs I Trhlikova
Healthcare Assistant Ms M Ferone