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Football has become a large part of life at Mill Hill School since it was introduced as a major sport. 

During the Spring Term, boys choose between football and hockey, and all year groups participate in fixtures. The School’s football provision has doubled over the last five years. We now have thirteen teams; this includes five senior teams, four U15 teams, and four U14 teams. Teams train at least twice a week in the Spring Term, with additional analysis sessions for the 1st teams using match footage from fixtures. In addition to our staff coaches, the School also benefits from having two coaches from Tottenham Hotspur who help lead the delivery of the programme, by working with a range of teams during the Spring Term. There are also opportunities for players to develop beyond the pitch with a holistic support programme, including strength and conditioning and sports psychology. The Sports Department has also introduced a weekly girls’ training session which many of our pupils enjoy participating in.  

The growth of Football at our School has also brought success in matches and tournaments. It has been wonderful to see pupils gain confidence and improve their skills through game play. The 1st XI and 2nd XI enter the London and Southeast Independent Schools’ Cup in the spring term. The 1st XI also enters the ISFA National Cup, and the U15A team takes part in the Middlesex County Cup. The 1st XI and U15A teams enter other cup competitions and train throughout the autumn term.  

I have been delighted to see the rising interest in Football at Mill Hill School, and I am excited to see our pupils thrive on the football pitch during the Spring Term. 

Find out more about football at Mill Hill by watching the video below: