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Sports Scholarship Physiotherapy

Prepare and Prevent – Physically and mentally prepare young athletes to train and compete whilst reducing the risk of injury.

Ready and Robust – create environments that get the young athletes bodies ready to perform on and off the field of play; build strength and depth in their programme to build resilience throughout their body that reflect the stresses of their sport.

Rest and Recovery – Provide education and environments that promote rest and recovery strategies after training and competing with lifestyle factors considered.

Assess and Individualise – constantly assess injuries and performance so each young athlete has an individualised programme.

Communicate and Collaborate – Promote open communication between young athletes and their support staff, where the whole team can work together to create the best solution for the athlete.

Monitor and Develop– Regular monitoring of performance and recovery to ensure each young athlete is working to their potential and getting the most out of their recovery. Develop the athletes as people, educate each young athlete on all aspects relating to their sport and lifestyle, just as the support staff will invest in their own expert development.