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Belmont – Sports Hall

Sporting achievement at Belmont has been outstanding in recent years. 

When the Sports Hall suffered a major fire in November 2017, the School and Governors identified a great opportunity to create a state-of-the-art sporting facility that would not only be fit for purpose in 2019 but also provide a platform for sporting success for years to come. 

There were a number of initiatives to make sure the fundraising target of £1m was met, and we are extremely grateful to one anonymous donor for a major gift of £500,000 that really kick-started the campaign. We also wish to thank the Belmont parents, staff and Old Belmontians who did an incredible job in raising the remaining £500,000 and helping us reach our target. 

The Ball for a Wall dinner hosted at Saracens in June 2019 raised an amazing £57,000. A team of cyclist cycled from London to Paris and raised over £18,000 in sponsorship. The Pathway to Fitness brick campaign launched on Grandparents’ Day 2019 raised over £20,000, and we are thrilled to report that over 200 bricks were bought! Lastly, there was an unbelievable effort from the Friends of Belmont Parents’ Association, who raised over £50,000 and the Grimsdell Parents’ Association, who raised £4,500, all of which ensured our vision of this important new space was realised in full. Thank you so much to all that supported this campaign!