Belmont – Unfolding Spaces

New Building at Belmont (Design & Technology and IT)

Young minds are full of creativity and innovation. We want to provide spaces that nurture and develop these skills. Our pupils at Belmont have watched eagerly as the new building takes shape. Inside they will be excited to discover a dedicated Design & Technology suite and a state-of-the-art IT zone. These facilities will give them confidence in working with new technology and prepare them for the planned Innovation Hub at Mill Hill (2018 initiative).

We think our pupils will love these new resources and we hope you think so too. If you would like to support this project then get behind Belmont by having your name prominently displayed in the new building as a ‘Coder’, ‘Designer’, ‘Innovator’ or even ‘Entrepreneur’!

  • £500 Coders
  • £1,000 Designers
  • £5,000 Innovators
  • £10,000 Entrepreneurs name a classroom

Gifts of any amount make a real difference so do try to get involved.
See our brochure and download the donation form here