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A Better Chance Bursaries

A Better Chance Bursaries provide full-fee places to talented and deserving children from less privileged families who are not able to afford the fees.

People like Leanne (Ridgeway 2011-13):

Leanne grew up in a single-parent family on a council estate in Camberwell. Shew knew she wanted to become a doctor at the age of 15 and understood quickly that academic success was key to this goal. She applied to Mill Hill and was awarded an ABC Bursary for the sixth form. She achieved 3 As at A-level and, after spending a gap year helping on community projects in Rajastan, was accepted to study medicine at St Georges University of London. In 2017 She was awarded the Queen’s Young Leaders Award (Read More)

Generous donations from alumni, parents and friends of the School have helped fund over 40 ABC Bursaries so far and each year we hope to offer more. Our beneficiaries enrich the School providing both talent and social diversity.

If you can help provide a place for someone like Leanne then please make a gift here or contact the support team to discuss how you might like to help.