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Grimsdell – Outdoor Learning

Across the Foundation, we are recognising the importance of taking learning beyond the classroom, helping prepare all our pupils – no matter how young or old for the wider world. 

At Grimsdell in particular, we are incredibly proud to enable independent learning to take place outdoors more effectively and more regularly following the opening of our permanent log cabin and outdoor learning environment! 

Funded by donors and the Grimsdell Parents’ Association, the cabin is a unique space where we can be part of the outside world while accessing shelter and resources. The Cabin has been carefully resourced to give the children a different experience to their regular classrooms inside the main building. Also inside the cabin are opportunities for reading, mark making and maths as well as large construction, deconstructed role play and DT/woodwork as these areas enable skills such as problem solving, reasoning and communication and language to develop freely. 

 The benefits of learning outdoors are well documented, and as a school we are committed to providing as many opportunities as possible for our children to thrive in naturally inspiring ways, developing their creativity, their appetite for exploration and their sense of awe and wonder.  

Children who have the freedom to play are better equipped to build friendships, solve problems and engage with the world around them. 

Thank you to all the donors and GPA for donating towards this great project and allowing our children to have a different school experience altogether!