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Mill Hill School offers co-educational Day, Weekly Boarding and Full Boarding places. Entry is available at 13+ (Fourth Form/Year 9), 14+ (Remove/Year 10) and 16+ (Sixth Form).

We have a Year 9 intake, referred to as the Fourth Form, of around 170 pupils (13+), with around 10 pupils joining Year 10, referred to as the Remove (14+). Typically between 40 and 50 pupils join us at 16+ in the Lower Sixth. In addition to day places we also offer both Weekly and Full Boarding.

13+ Candidates Resident in the UK

Parents considering 13+ entry for their child should follow the Early Testing Track when their child is in Year 6; applications must be made by early November of Year 6, references are requested in November and there is an Assessment Day in November. On the day, candidates will take a computer-based test which measures the verbal, non-verbal and mathematical skills that form the foundations of further learning. There is also an interview and a small group activity. The Year 6 Track 13+ application process for entry in 2022 is now open; the deadline for online registration is 15 November 2019, with tests taking place on one of the dates listed below.

Year 6 Track 13+ Assessment – September 2022 Entry Key Dates

Deadline for Applications Friday 15 November 2019
Assessment dates





Assessment programme


Candidates will be invited to attend on one of the following dates:

Tuesday 19 November 2019
Thursday 21 November 2019
Tuesday 26 November 2019
Thursday 28 November 2019


1. Computer-based CEM Select tests:  Verbal, Non-Verbal and Mathematical Skills

2. Individual interview

3. Group activity (not assessed)

References requested November 2019
Offers emailed Friday 14 February 2020
Offer Holders Tea & Tours 11.30-1.00pm Wednesday 26 February 2020
Deadline for acceptances Tuesday 3 March 2020
Open Mornings Saturday 5 October 2019

Tuesday 5 November 2019

For our Year 6 Track 13+ computer based test we do not provide practice materials but there is a familiarisation website for parents and children; please refer to:

Please note: CEM’s assessment familiarisations use Adobe Flash which does not run on iOS. Please open on a Windows or Mac OS X computer enabled with Adobe Flash. The familiarisations will not open on iPhone and iPad as these do not support Adobe Flash.

The 13+ admissions process for 2020 entry is now closed. Parents interested in chance vacancies should register their details by clicking on the link below. Please note that at this enquiry stage no registration fee is payable. We will hold registrations of interest on file and contact families should vacancies arise. 

Click here to register your interest (chance vacancy).

Scholarship & Bursary Applications – Key Dates

Bursary applications open from September 2019 Deadline for Bursary applications – Thursday 12 December 2019
Deadline for Academic Scholarship applications Friday 22 November 2019
13+ Academic Scholarship Examinations Saturday 30 November 2019
Deadline for Non-Academic Scholarship applications Thursday 12 December 2019
Drama Award auditions Wednesday 8 January 2020
Music Award auditions Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 January 2020
Art Award interviews Friday 10 January 2020
Design Technology Award interviews Friday 10 January 2020
Academic Scholarship interviews Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 January 2020
Sports Award Trials (all day) Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 January 2020
Results of Scholarships are posted Thursday 13 February 2020
Deadline for Acceptances Thursday 27 February 2020
Common Entrance (sat at Feeder Schools) June 2020
New pupil Induction Day Mid June 2020
Open Mornings Saturday 5 October 2019

Tuesday 5 November 2019

14+ Candidates Resident in the UK

Candidates for entry at 14+ (Year 10/Remove) are assessed by interview and written examinations in English, Mathematics, Science and French; applications should only be made after an initial enquiry to confirm availability.  Sample papers are available on request.

16+ Candidates Resident in the UK

Sixth Form candidates are encouraged to apply in the Autumn Term of the year preceding entry, and are generally required to have a minimum of two 7 and three 6 grades at GCSE, with some subject-specific requirements. We request confidential references and predicted grades from candidates’ schools, and based on this information those who appear to be most likely to be academically suitable are invited to interview. Offers are made to successful candidates, conditional upon achieving the required GCSE grades.

A wide variety of Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries are available to candidates resident in the UK.

We encourage prospective pupils and parents to visit the School – either on one of our Open Mornings or by special arrangement for a personalised tour.

Please contact Angela Hedger, Assistant Registrar (UK), for further information: 020 8906 7923,

For Candidates Resident Overseas (13+, 14+, 16+)

Candidates resident outside the UK should first contact the Admissions Team to check availability of places, and should then submit their two most recent school reports, which will enable us to advise on the suitability of the academic profile. Suitable candidates will be advised to register and arrangements will be made for testing either at Mill Hill School or at an approved agency overseas, including the candidate’s current school.

For 13+ (Year 9/Fourth Form) and 14+ (Year 10/Remove) entry examinations will be taken in English as an Additional Language and Mathematics. An interview will be conducted either face-to-face or by Skype for candidates who are successful in the written tests.

For 16+ candidates (Sixth Form) examinations will be taken in English (or English as an Additional Language) and, depending on subject choice, further tests in the subjects for which they are applying to study at A Level. An interview will be conducted either face-to-face or by Skype for candidates who are successful in the written tests.

Please contact Korina Freese, Assistant Registrar (International), for further information: +44 (0)20 8906 7968