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‘Priestley House encourages not just academic excellence but individual participation and success in many other aspects of school life. It teaches people how to live with each other in a civilised and understanding atmosphere.’

The House is named after Thomas Priestley, erstwhile Headmaster of Mill Hill. Priestley was a Yorkshire man who came to Mill Hill as an assistant Classics master in 1818, and then became Headmaster in 1835 until 1853 when he retired. Priestley was highly regarded and liked. His impressive portrait hangs in the Dining Room today. Originally Priestley House was part of School House, a Boarding House, but in 1976 it became a separate Day House, located under the Marnham block. It was one of the first houses at Mill Hill to admit girls.

In 2005 Priestley was relocated to the upper floor of the old sanatorium, situated by the main school gates overlooking the Ridgeway. In April 2017 Priestley was relocated to the first floor of Sir William Tite’s original School House building. Priestley accommodates over 80 boys and girls allocated to a team of 7 tutors and a Housemaster. Priestley House encourages its House members to be individuals who develop their own character and interests, making their way in life based on their experience and success at school. Endeavour, a desire to learn, realisation of talent, honesty, good manners, tolerance and consideration of others are but some of our aims.