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School House

‘The House has a strong ethos of friendliness and support. Life skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork are at the forefront of everything we do in School House.’

The House is conveniently located in the central part of the main school building, providing a perfect location for students and teachers alike. The House ensures a strong combination of both relaxation and study through its excellent facilities. However it is not just the external appearance of the house that makes it so unique, it is the incredible sense of community and friendship.

The House prides itself on the well-established vertical community that builds up between the pupil, as pupils from all years integrate with one another against a backdrop of a strong teacher support system. The House has the ability to install in its pupils the necessary life skills for life after school namely: leadership; team work and friendship.

The House has a rich history within the school and a long line of success in the full school competitions, but is also encourages healthy competition within the House through inter-Form competitions such as quizzes, the ‘bottle flip challenge’ and other team building exercises. Success is celebrated through House assemblies and the famous ‘celebration breakfasts’.