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‘School years should be some of the best times of a person’s life and Weymouth aims to provide a happy supportive environment for all students. The first thing that strikes any visitor to Weymouth is the lively informality and good spirit in the House. Past students will often comment that they felt “at home” within Weymouth.’

Weymouth has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and is named after a 19th century Headmaster of the School.

Weymouth House is based on a clear set of values – achievement, effort, integrity and courtesy. They underpin everything we aim to do in the House. Weymouth pupils are actively encouraged to achieve to their maximum potential across a wide range of pursuits: academic, musical, social, dramatic and sporting. They are encouraged to show effort in all that they do. All students are expected to act with integrity and make sound ethical judgements in their actions and behaviour and to show courtesy and respect towards themselves, their teachers and any visitors to the House.

Weymouth aims to be a very warm and friendly house where every pupil is treated with care and respect. Weymouth has been a remarkably successful House in recent years. Its pupils regularly achieve their potential academically as well as in sport, music and drama. The House has been recently refurbished and enjoys quite spacious facilities including a very large and well used Games Room. Each year the house performs a Soiree which has raised substantial funds for the School’s Partnership programmes in Tamil Nadu and Nicaragua.