fb-pixel Art | Private Senior School, London | Mill Hill School


Our pupils explore the Fine Arts, Architecture, Graphic Design, Photography, 3D Design and Film. They take individual, critical and creative routes.

We consider traditional recording methods such as drawing and photography to be very important, as well as an historical and critical understanding of visual art. We value naturalism as a way of measuring visual comprehension. We also value abstract ideas and conceptual imagery.

The galleries and museums in London are a constant inspiration for all of our pupils, who enjoy the city’s cultural wealth, both independently and on organised school visits.

We aim to nurture and develop independent creativity in all pupils. Examination classes are taught in small groups in ambitiously resourced studio accommodation. Exam results and portfolio preparation are first class, ensuring that higher education applications to Foundation and Degree level study are successful.

We believe that the best learning is achieved in a friendly and inspiring environment; art is an enjoyable and stimulating activity for all concerned.