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Business and Economics

The Business and Economics Department provides opportunities for our pupils to gain the skills and knowledge required in an ever changing post-industrial society.

Our pupils will be entrepreneurial, independent learners, confident presenters and strong team players.

A Level Business

The way companies operate is under greater scrutiny than ever before, whilst TV programmes such as The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den have raised the profile of business to a new generation. The course enables students to understand and appreciate the nature and scope of business, and the role it plays in society. The syllabus covers economic, environmental, ethical, governmental, legal, social and technological issues, and encourages a critical understanding of organisations, the markets they serve and the process of adding value. Pupils examine the management of organisations and, in particular, the process of decision making in a dynamic external environment.

A Level Economics

Why is income inequality increasing in the world? What causes unemployment? Why are premiership footballers paid more than doctors? What economic measures can governments adopt to tackle climate change? These questions and many others are investigated in the broad and challenging introduction to A Level Economics. Looking at both the microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis of current economic events in this rapidly changing world, pupils are encouraged to consider the evidence, analyse the data and justify their conclusions.

Beyond the classroom

The ethos of the Business Education department is one of encouraging pupils to think independently and widely about the subject content. Trips are organised every year to reinforce the pupils understanding of the subject theory, with practical examples from the real world, and we also invite visiting speakers to the school. Additionally some pupils take part in national competitions, including the IFS Student Investors Challenge, where they invest a virtual £100,000 in to the stock market.