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Our pupils come to us from a variety of feeder schools, and so the focus in the first weeks of Fourth Form is on how to learn Maths. This includes covering familiar topics with an emphasis on showing working, structuring solutions, self and peer-marking, as well as responding to given feedback. A great deal of attention is also given to developing pupils’ problem solving and reasoning skills.

Our pupils then commence their GCSE Mathematics, and the most advanced mathematicians are also given the opportunity to study material that is well beyond the GCSE syllabus. Spreading the delivery of the GCSE syllabus over three years allows for more time to be given for the exploration of each topic; hence deepening our pupils’ understanding of the subject.

Mathematics is the most popular subject at A Level at Mill Hill, and Further Mathematics follows suit as one of the next most popular. The results of our pupils at A Level, with a significant number achieving A and A* grades every year, is a testament to the encouragement from the department for pupils to develop their understanding of the subject and their ability to solve problems in any context.

We encourage pupils to develop growth mindsets, where they continually look to stretch and challenge themselves and should never be happy to give up or try the easy option. This has the beneficial effect of improving our pupils’ independent learning skills. This may also be why so many pupils leave the school to study Mathematics or Engineering at leading universities each year.