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A new term at Grimsdell always means a brand new whole school topic and our children were so excited to walk through the door to discover the third environment change of this academic year. There were a number of clues to the topic present in the foyer, in the corridors and in in classrooms: a […]

On Thursday Grimsdell was one of the many schools across the country that participated in Sport Relief Day. There are a number of reasons why we chose to dedicate a full day to this charity event; fundraising of course being one of them, but the opportunities for broader learning and the development of key skills […]

Science fortnight has been weaving excitement and curiosity across the school and the children have had opportunities to really engage deeply with what science actually is and how we find things out. The children have been experimenting both at school and at home and have had the opportunity to work with pupils across the Foundation […]

Our postponed Book Day took place this week and the atmosphere was incredible – possibly even more so than we have experienced before at Grimsdell. Every single person in the school joined in and the school was a sea of characters, colours and fun. The immersion into the world of books, the drama and role […]