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At Grimsdell today we participated in ‘Just One Tree’ Day. This is a non-profit initiative designed to support the fight against global warming by planting trees. The children today paid money to wear their own clothes and learnt about the impact of deforestation and what a difference in planting and replacing trees can make on […]

Anti-bullying week took place this week and like many schools, we participated actively by wearing odd socks as a symbol of our support for stamping out bullying, not just in schools but everywhere. This year the theme was ‘change starts with us’. This is a move towards understanding that bullying is not always about one […]

This week we participated in Outdoor Classroom Day and the majority of classes spent a large proportion of the day learning outside and accessing the resources in our new indoor/outdoor resource: The Cabin! The cabin houses a range of different materials connected to natural hands-on construction and play and the pictures show children in Reception […]

For the duration of October, we have been weaving Black History Month into our curriculum at Grimsdell and providing a range of opportunities for the children to celebrate black culture. In addition to class-based activities and a wonderful storyteller who visited our school, we have chosen to use literature and our library as a key […]

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