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I am not sure where this week has gone to, but it’s Friday again and there has been so much to celebrate in every aspect of School life. It’s as busy as ever! On Monday I attended the final of the Instrumental competition – a superb showcase for music at Mill Hill and one which […]

Standing on Top Terrace and looking across a scene of pupils enjoying the spring sunshine, I was struck by the uplifting feeling that comes from these happy moments which seem to be bursting out all around us. I could not resist asking a group of boys to pose for a photo for this blog, and […]

In December 2016 the Welsh schools’ inspectorate published a best practice guide for pupil participation. The report highlighted that “pupil participation is strong in schools that have the following characteristics: Pupil participation and building positive relationships are an integral part of the school’s vision and ethos There are clear roles and structures in place across […]

What a difference a day makes – this Wednesday being no exception, starting as it did at 7:30am with the Mill Hill School Parents’ Association Foundation Coat Drop and ending 13 hours later as we concluded the Drinks Reception and Presentation for parents of Year 5 and 6 Belmont pupils, who came for an insight […]

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