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Looking back over the past 18 months it is clear that we have certainly not stood still. As outlined in my Foundation Day speech in 2020, we have maintained a focus on three key priorities; academic standards, buildings and community. Our academic successes both in public examinations and in the destination of our leavers is […]

Looking back at my Summer Term blog, which looked forward to an Autumn Term in which we hoped to be ‘embracing normality’, and reflecting now on the term just gone, it has to be said that it was not without its challenges – mirroring those experienced locally, nationally and around the world – challenges which […]

Little did I imagine on returning to the UK after visiting OMs in Los Angeles and San Francisco, that within just two months the world would change so dramatically. Relieved that, in my absence, the School had passed its unannounced ISI Inspection with flying colours, and having mastered the art of communicating with colleagues, Governors […]

Although my last blog was posted quite recently, it does feel as though we have now entered a different reality; the School is closed, except to a handful of pupils whose key-worker parents have welcomed our support, along with just a couple of boarders who have not returned home or to their guardians. The teaching […]