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What makes Mill Hill great…

I was delighted to welcome over 200 prospective parents to the Foundation Open Morning last Saturday, showcasing the very best of what Mill Hill has to offer. Thanks also to the lovely weather, visitors were able to walk around the whole site, and really experience our excellent facilities and beautiful grounds.

Three Upper Sixth Form pupils, Lucas W (McClure), Sophia L (Weymouth) and Chantelle D (School) gave short speeches on how Mill Hill School has helped them develop into the people they are today. Here’s what they said:

Lucas identified 4 key factors contributing to his success….

Firstly, the vital role of the Foundation in my steady academic development i.e. Belmont setting and Mill Hill progress grades, secondly, the consistent support of excellent teachers throughout my education, thirdly the supplementary role of extra-curricular activities to my academic development, such as the  production of the 1807 magazine and, finally, he wholly positive atmosphere currently enveloping the school.”

Chantelle spoke about the importance of getting involved in everything that Mill Hill has to offer……

“In my time here I have represented the school in Netball, Hockey & Rounders at the highest level but have also tried Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball and Croquet! I wasn’t the best at all those sports but I was given the chance to try and sometimes fail which lead me to find my passion in Netball co captaining the 1st team this year.

I have performed and rehearsed for plays in French, Spanish and English for local competitions against other schools but also inter House events for Music and Drama. And this has resulted in me opting to pursue a career in performing arts. As a member of the Charity Committee for 4 years now, I have also been able to share some of my privilege, in helping those less fortunate, by hosting bake sales and charity concerts.”

Sophia spoke about the importance of Community within the School….

Mill Hill to me means community. Our School is special because we are one of the few who still have day houses with physical spaces. We are unique because in the mornings, breaks and free times we have access to newly furnished games room and quiet study rooms.

We have a place to belong, work and relax. We also become bonded to all those in our House. We become friends without the limitations of different years. We also form connections with our form tutors and Housemasters or mistresses/House Parents, because of all the time we spend with them; they become role models we can rely on. And for those of us in year 12 and 13, the new Sixth Form Centre gives us an area to study and be with our friends.

The school also allows us, as Millhillians, to create our own identity. So whilst we are also learning to strengthen our social skills in many of the clubs and groups available to us, we also learn to become our own person. Through all that’s on offer here, whether it’s in the classroom, theatre, science lab or on a field, we are exposed to so many opportunities that each of us realise, piece by piece, who we are.

Something is always happening, and we can always in some way contribute our originality and talent to the school. The ethos of our school is also a buzzing hub of energy. Our guest speaker on Foundation Day 2017, Sir Anthony Seldon, expressed the importance pupils being happy, and learning how to achieve happiness in our youth so that it follows us on through our life. I believe, here, at Mill Hill, we have that. My fellow pupils are kind and honest, and we all pursue our own happiness whilst caring for others.

I’ve been in the Foundation for many years, and am proud to say I am a product of Mill Hill; I am no longer the naive young girl who first arrived, but my own person, with experiences and new ideas to shape the world I want live in. I’ve been taught so much, but not all of it was through a textbook.

Here, we adapt to live in an ever changing world. Independence and flexibility is instilled in us. We are ready for the modern era ahead – you only have to look at the breaking news every morning to see the ever changing dynamics of our country. What’s more, each of us are given the value of learning to work for our achievements. Mill Hill provides the platform for all of us to strive for the best, but we teach ourselves what hard work means.”

I was certainly very proud of all three pupils on the day and can assure you their observations and sentiments came from the heart. Over the course of the year, I shall be featuring other pupils in my blog – from across the age spectrum – and would be happy to speak to those who would like to make a contribution.

Jane Sanchez
Interim Head