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Why Study Geography?

Geography is a multi-disciplinary, exciting subject that fits as a perfect bridge between the sciences and the arts. The variety of topics covered ensures Geographers are well-rounded, informed and passionate individuals with a clear idea of how the world works both physically and from a human viewpoint. A-level Geography provides pupils with the opportunity to study contemporary topics in more depth, such as international conflicts, economic geography, and climate change – all of which hold great importance to our world today. Geographers may be considered amongst the most employable graduates, given their range of expertise across multiple issues and conflicts, whilst Sir Michael Palin claims “Geographers hold the key to the world”.

Entry Requirements

6 in GCSE Geography, Maths and English Language.

Course Outline

The structure of the Edexcel specification ensures equal coverage of human and physical geography; Papers 1 and 2, whilst Paper 3 is the synoptic element. This links together multiple themes covered in Papers 1 and 2 and allows pupils to better stretch their knowledge and understanding. Finally, pupils have the opportunity to complete an exciting new aspect, the Independent Investigation. This research project, based on any Geographical topic, allows pupils to explore in-depth their favourite aspect of Geography and is highly regarded by universities.

Course Delivery

Geography lessons use a range of activities to cover the curriculum, being both practical and theoretical in nature. Fieldwork forms an important part of the new curriculum and pupils can expect to go on a residential field trip in the first year of the course. Debate and discussion are two techniques used particularly on the human side, whilst physical Geography lends itself easily to the use of technology, for example using Geographical Information System (GIS) software. The curriculum is split into human and physical lessons, which are taught by two separate subject specialists, thus ensuring the highest quality of teaching. It is desirable for a Geographer to have an interest in the world around us, thus reading is of great importance to A Level Geography. Critically reading the news is especially important, covering a range of publications, in order to provide pupils with breadth as well as depth of knowledge. Geography fits neatly with both Science and Arts subjects and therefore any subject combination is suitable for A Level Geography.

Higher Education and Career Opportunities

Geography is one of the most popular subjects at university, providing pupils with a choice be-tween a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science, thus appealing to a range of pupils with different skill sets. Geographers are highly sought-after graduates, being offered jobs in traditional industries such as mining, accountancy and estate management. However, with Geographers holding so many skills, they are valuable to new industries such as sustainability consultancy, app development and biofuel firms. Geographers even reach the highest echelons of power: former Prime Minister Theresa May holds a Geography degree from the University of Oxford.