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This week in Music…

This week in Nursery we have been progressing with our understanding of pitch. On Tuesday, pupils took part in a variety of games in order to provide concrete experiences surrounding pitch differentiation. As a result, pupils were able to read pitch from a graphic score either vocally or through utilising the piano.

Reception have been delving into the features which make up a Performance and more specifically this week how to practice a piece of music on any instrument. This is with a view for Reception to be recorded using their new rhythmic reading and practice skills.

Year One this week have progressed significantly with their Summer Showcase. A huge well done to those who have learnt their lines and brought their costumes in already. However, an equally huge thank you to the adults at home who helped make this happen! Pupils alongside the show are learning the features that contribute to a good performance, this week it was ‘Stage Management.’

Year Two pupils this week have been establishing their characterisation in the play and have moved on from blocking out scenes. We have continued to have a pupil who is in charge of ‘Quality Assurance’ within our rehearsals and this has enabled self-reflection and analysis on an ongoing basis. I am hugely impressed with the large amount of children fluent with their lines and able to demonstrate expression and personality within their role. Again, a huge thank you for working with me in supporting your children to achieve their best for their show.