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Grimsdell - A day in the life

A Day in the Life

Timings of the Day

8:30am-11:35am- Morning Nursery

12:20pm-3:05pm- Afternoon Nursery

8:15am- The front door of the school is opened and children are welcomed with a handshake, a smile and friendly greeting by the Head, Deputy or other staff member. Music is played for an atmospheric start to the day and children are encouraged to go up to class independently

8:30am- Children must be in class by this time for the start of lessons

3:00pm- End of the day for Reception

3:05pm- End of the day for Years 1, 2 and Afternoon Nursery

3:05pm-5:30pm- Stay and Play. This provision is flexible and you can book in for any amount of time at short notice providing we have spaces that day. Please book in through the School Office by phone, email or in person. The cost is £7 per hour or part of an hour.

Stay and Play is led by our own staff and the children participate in a range of stimulating, creative and fun activities.