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I have returned the Registration Form to the School. What will happen next?

We will acknowledge receipt of the form and registration fee and your child will be added to the registration list. Our initial list closes once we have reached the maximum number of pupils that we are able to interview. If your registration form arrives after this list has been closed we will place you on our reserve registration list and will alert you as soon as we can offer your child an interview. Every applicant is put on the waiting list.


During the Autumn Term prior to the September in which your child is due to start we will invite parents and children on the initial registration list into school for an informal interview and activity session with the Head and a teacher. The outcome of these interviews will be communicated by letter in November. Priority is given to siblings of pupils already in the Foundation.

Do we need to register for the other schools in the Foundation?

Yes, your form registers your child only for Grimsdell. Should you wish to apply for Belmont Prep School and Mill Hill School, a new registration form will need to be completed, as well as payment of £150 for the registration fee.

How soon should we register?

It is important to register as soon as possible as our initial registration list will close once we reach the maximum number of pupils we can interview.

Is the school oversubscribed?

Yes, we have more applicants than places available. We strongly recommend that parents register with more than one school.

How many places are available in Nursery and Reception?

There are approximately 32 places available in Nursery, 16 in the morning and 16 in the afternoon.

There are approximately 20 places available in Reception, who together with the Nursery pupils make up three Reception classes.

If my child has a September birthday when can he/she start?

The entry cut off date to a year group is 31st August. Your child must be 3+ for entry into the Nursery class and 4+ for entry into Reception on the 1st September, i.e. if he or she is born on 3rd September they would be one of the oldest in the year group.

Is there anything we can do to prepare our child?

The activity session and interview are play based and held in an inviting and comfortable room. During this session we offer a range of activities that allow the child to lead and follow their own interests. The teacher will interact with your child while you remain in the room with them, having an informal conversation with the Head. The experience is managed in a natural and sensitive manner and we advise that you do not specifically prepare them for this. The children are usually more comfortable and willing to engage when they are simply presented with an opportunity to play. If your child is successful in gaining a place you will be invited to an information evening in June. Your child will also be invited to a settling in session in June.

Do children have automatic entry to the Prep School, Belmont?

Grimsdell children do not sit a formal assessment for Belmont. There is a close liaison between the Grimsdell staff and the Head of the Lower School at Belmont in order to ensure that Belmont can meet a child’s needs and to ensure that Belmont is the right place for that child to move on to. The majority of Grimsdell pupils move on to Belmont.