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Inspection Report

Read and download our latest ISI Inspection Report here:


In January 2024, Mill Hill Schools which includes Grimsdell (Mill Hill Pre-Prep), Belmont (Mill Hill Prep) and Mill Hill School were inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) under the newly implemented Framework 23, which was introduced in September 2023. This new framework moves away from a one-word judgement system, focusing instead on evaluating pupil experience across the below four core areas alongside Safeguarding which underpins the entire framework.

  • Leadership and management
  • Quality of education
  • Pupils’ physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Pupils’ social and economic education and contribution to society

During the inspection, numerous lessons were observed, the inspectors met with hundreds of pupils, as well as a diverse range of teaching and non-teaching staff, along with members of our Leadership Team and Governing Body. Additionally, questionnaires were distributed to parents, pupils, and staff to ensure the views of the whole school community contributed to the outcome of the inspection.

We are incredibly proud of the report, it reflects the variety of strengths across the schools, the excellent provision on offer to all our pupils and identifies our co-curricular provision as an area of ‘significant strength’, the highest accolade of the new Inspection structure. This term is only used when a school does something truly exceptional, and which benefits all pupils.

Kate Simon, Head, Grimsdell (Mill Hill Pre-Prep) said “What is particularly noteworthy is the positive feedback on the co-curricular offer in all our schools. This has been deemed to be a ‘significant strength’ which, according to the ISI framework, demonstrates a ‘clear, demonstrable and highly beneficial impact for pupils’. Since September 2023, when the new ISI framework has been implemented from, the judgment of ‘significant strength’ is an exception rather than the norm. We all feel that this is a very fair reflection of the outstanding co-curricular offer that our youngest pupils experience within our schools whether it be the variety of clubs, quality of sport, music and drama and enrichment opportunities pupils participate in. The breadth of opportunity enriches the lives of our pupils and enables them to try out lots opportunities ahead of finding their niche further in the Foundation.”


“The curriculum is complemented by an innovative and well-resourced co-curricular programme, which benefits pupils of all ages and abilities. The programme is wide ranging and well coordinated across the schools to support pupil progression. The co-curricular programme engenders pupils’ interests as well as develops pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding. This is a significant strength of the school.”

“The specialist knowledge and experience of executives of the foundation, particularly with regard to safeguarding, is effective in advising and supporting leaders and governors to ensure that robust measures are in place to protect pupils from harm.”

“Teachers are experienced, have good subject knowledge and follow well-planned schemes of work, adapting their teaching to effectively meet the needs of pupils.”

“Pupils are confident and reflect on their experiences in school thoughtfully and in a balanced manner.”

“Pupils make age-appropriate and positive contributions to society through their active support of a number of charities and through taking part in pupil-led initiatives.”

“Leaders ensure that effective arrangements are made to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils across the three schools.”

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