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At Grimsdell we believe that learning should be inspiring, memorable and meaningful.

Combining academic rigour with 21st-century skills, our creative curriculum provides depth in coverage of skills in all subject areas and allows children to recognise the links in their learning.

Children are interested, excited and curious to learn. Our aim is to instil in your child a deep and natural love of learning that will stay with them forever. Our curriculum is rich and diverse and extends well beyond the National Curriculum. It is both demanding and exciting, giving your child the chance to excel in so many areas.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and National Curriculum are taught through an overarching theme, following a cross-curricular and enquiry based approach to teaching and learning. We aim to educate the whole child, nurturing their talents and allowing them to develop at their own pace.

We encourage children to question, enquire and problem solve. They work in groups of pairs to discuss, debate and think critically and creatively. They build strong verbal skills so they are keen and able to write about their ideas and thoughts. Practical tasks their thinking and challenge them to be creative, all the while building their independence and confidence.

When children are not in lessons they will be outside in the playground during playtimes developing physical and social skills and enjoying free time whilst supervised by our own Grimsdell staff.