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Themes and Topics

A Stunning Starter, Marvellous Middle and Fabulous Finish provide the format to every theme from Nursery to Year 2.

Each theme lasts for a term and has been carefully planned to ensure that the learning objectives for each year group/subject are covered in a creative and dynamic way.

Children are immersed in their learning through colourful and engaging indoor and outdoor environments, and multi-sensory learning experiences.

Planning incorporates the children’s interests and ideas by taking into account key questions they have asked. This allows children to take ownership over their learning and ensures that opportunities for challenge and enrichment are built in.

Each theme begins with a Stunning Start to create awe and wonder. The topic is introduced and the children embark on their learning journey, full of discovery and surprise. This may include finding a scene set-up in the school grounds, a visitor, an event, a mystery object or a problem to solve. This excites the children and provides a meaningful context to their learning.

Half way through each theme a Marvellous Middle is planned to maintain the children’s interest and keep the learning alive. Children’s work is celebrated and they may also go on a trip or experience a different activity in school.

Each topic culminates with a grand finale called the Fabulous Finish. Children will reflect on what they have learnt and showcase their work to the school community, in a variety of interesting and imaginative ways.

Our Creative Curriculum provides depth in the coverage of skills in all subject areas and allows children to recognise the links in their learning. Children are interested, excited and curious to learn and discover.

Examples of termly themes include: ‘Into the Woods’, ‘Turrets and Tiaras’, ‘Splish, Splash, Splosh’, ‘Ice Worlds’.