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Forest School

Our inspirational Forest School provides opportunities for pupils to immerse themselves in the natural environment.

Our Forest School sessions run throughout the year, apart from Nursery who begin their sessions in February.

We encourage and inspire individuals by providing many positive experiences and opportunities to explore the outdoor environment, and develop a connection and love of nature. In the early years, with the discovery of fairy doors and evidence of dragons, it becomes a magical environment which allows the children’s imagination to run wild!

Pupils learn how to use tools such as bow saws, mallets, peelers, loppers and palm drills in a traditional woodland manner.  They are gradually introduced to the children along with a structured safety base which the children soon become familiar with.

The use of different tools alongside learning about fires in Forest School will also help to equip the children with some practical skills that they can apply throughout their life.

Our pupils become risk takers, gain confidence and independence, and have a greater sense of wellbeing from their experiences in the woods. This is achieved by engaging in games and activities such as hide and seek, shelter building, tree and minibeast identification, tool skills, lighting fires, cooking and environmental art.

The pupils also have the opportunity to problem solve and think critically in the forest. This means that when they return to school their capacity for learning and their focus is strengthened.  These new skills can then be applied to different situations within the classroom.

The children thrive in the Forest School environment. By being outdoors and being physically active the children’s overall health is improved.

They love everything, from splashing in puddles to cooking on the campfire. Singing and mindfulness are also greatly enjoyed during our time in the woods.

See some recent photographs from our Forest School sessions in the gallery below.