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Children have the curiosity and the impulse to explore the natural world around them. Science helps young children to shape their development, as they observe, make predictions, test, learn to ask questions and then communicate their findings.

At Grimsdell, we aim to develop these Science skills through our creative curriculum.

In Early Years, children are explorers, they have the opportunity to discover science-enabling activities through continuous provision stations, stories and puppets firing spark and interest, whilst nurturing the early demands of ‘working scientifically.’

In KS1 we continue to develop on the foundations laid in Early Years through the topics and closely linking with the national curriculum. The children are exposed to a different topic each term, with key texts allowing the children discover science-relevant content as a springboard for raising investigable questions, leading to practical investigations, working scientifically and the use of ICT to research and record findings.

Science teaching is not just classroom based, here at Grimsdell, the local environment, school grounds and the Science Garden provide an excellent opportunity for outdoor science learning to take place at a deeper level.

Collaboration with the prep and senior schools during Science Week means that children benefit from a wealth of experience where they take part in engaging fun scientific experiments thus developing a continuum of lifelong interest of Science and the natural world they live in.