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Through Maths lessons, your child will acquire a deep understanding of the number system, and a mastery of concepts.

Children will learn highly developed problem-solving and application skills so that they will be ready to tackle complex mathematical challenges with confidence. Mathematics offers a combined approach with the core curriculum, sitting outside the main theme in order to actively teach an extensive range of mathematical strands that allows for a deep understanding of the number system.

The teaching of maths at Grimsdell is focussed on practical and pictorial experiences of numbers, that build a deep mastery of concepts so that children begin to record and interpret more abstract mathematical representations. The whole school termly theme still has a strong place in Maths lessons, providing opportunities to practise and apply their skills within the meaningful context of an exciting theme.

We have a positive attitude towards making mistakes. It has been proven that when we make mistakes in Maths our brain grows. Pupils use this as a step to learning and as part of our growth mind-set programme. Children will have opportunities to participate in a wide range of practical Maths activities both inside and outside the classroom, as well as our joint Maths Puzzle Day with Mill Hill School.

We endeavour to make as much of the Maths we do as practical and hands on as possible; our approach to homework is also through a range of practical activities and online games.