Grimsdell - Admissions


Grimsdell is a co-educational pre-prep school for children aged 3-7. Entry is available at 3+ (Nursery) and 4+ (Reception).

3+ Nursery

3+ Nursery 2023

We are still accepting Registrations for children with a date of birth between 1st September 2019 and 31st August 2020

Our Nursery

We welcome approximately 36 pupils into our Nursery every September.

We offer either an A.M (8.30 – 11.45am) or P.M (12.30 – 3.15pm) Nursery provision, Monday – Friday. Parents are asked to submit a preference at the time of Registering with us.

Interviews and Assessments

Our Nursery assessments take place in the November prior to the year of entry. Each applicant Registered on to our Initial Registration List will be invited to take part in our Interview and Assessment Process.

Our interview and assessment process consists of an informal parent interview with the Head and a child-led, play-based assessment for the child. The process takes place in our outdoor Cabin, our ‘Cabin in the Woods’ and the family group will remain together for the duration of the assessment.

Please note that it is not possible to defer offers for our Nursery to our Reception Year Group. If you are offered a place in the Nursery and you are unable to accept for any reason, you would be invited to join us for a further assessment the following year for a possible place in our Reception Year Group.

4+ Reception

4+ Reception 2023

We are still accepting Registrations for children with a date of birth between 1st September 2018 and 31st August 2019

Our Reception Year Group

There are three classes that make up our Reception Year Group. Two classes are largely filled by our Nursery children moving up to Reception, we therefore have one class, approximately twenty places, to offer to our external applicants.

Interviews and Assessments

Our Reception assessments take place in the January of the year of entry.

We conduct a two-phase assessment process for entry into our 4+ Reception Year Group. The first-round assessment consists of a ‘play-date’ group assessment for children. Assessments take place in our Outdoor Learning Area and are overseen by our Early Years Team. Applicants joining us the second round of assessments will take part in a family assessment, consisting of an individual pupil assessment with our Early Years Team and an informal interview for the parents, conducted by our Head, Mrs Simon.

Registering Your Child

If you are ready to Register your child with us, please complete our on-line Registration Form here, making payment of the non-refundable Registration Deposit of £150.00.

Sibling Policy

We do operate a Sibling Policy and priority is given to applicants who already have a sibling in the Foundation, subject to our assessment programme.

Chance Vacancies

Occasionally there are places available in other years, known as ‘Chance Vacancies’.  Please contact us to find out about possible places.

The Best Way to Visit Us

We love nothing more than welcoming new families to our School and sharing with them all that we have to offer at Grimsdell Pre-Prep. Our School is surrounded by nature and we take full advantage of this, the children are fully immersed in their outdoor learning and our outside facilities are a real highlight of a visit to Grimsdell.

The Foundation hosts two Open Mornings a year and this is the best way to visit us. Our next Open Morning will take place on Saturday 7th May 2022. We also host a number of small group/family tours throughout the year. To register your interest for any of these events please click here. We look forward to welcoming you.