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Belmont - Admissions


Belmont is a co-educational Preparatory School for pupils aged 7 to 13. The main point of entry is at 11+ (Year 7). 

In order to complete the admissions process all pupils will be interviewed and tested and a reference will be requested from the current school. 

The process can seem daunting at first, but we aim to make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible! We will keep you regularly updated with where we are in the process, what happens next and how your child is getting on. We hope you will find all necessary information here, but please do email Irenie Manfredi  imanfredi@belmontschool.com or Hannah Clarke  hclarke@belmontschool.com if you have any further questions. 

When choosing a school, we welcome all parents and prospective pupils to pay a personal visit to Belmont so that they can see the School’s facilities and meet members of staff and current pupils. There are regular Open Morningsand individual tours can be arranged by telephoning the Admissions Office. 

Register your child

We welcome 50-60 boys and girls into Year 3 to start at Belmont each year. They join us from our Pre-Prep School, Grimsdell and continue through Belmont up to Year 8 and join our Senior School, Mill Hill in Year 9. Occasionally, we will admit additional children in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 and Year 8 but our main admission point is Year 7 (11+) where we increase the year group size. 

You can register as soon as you have shortlisted Belmont or once your child is in Year 2. 

Please note that we offer bursary and scholarship awards for 11+ , 13+ and 16+ entry. 

Admission to Year 7 (11+) 

We welcome 60-70 boys and girls into Year 7 each year to join our current Year 6 children at Belmont. Your child will be in Year 6 when they sit their entrance exam. 

There is a two step entrance assessment (exam and  interview) which takes place in November prior to entering the school in September of the following year. 

For our 11+ computer test we do not provide practice materials but we will provide a familiarisation website for parents and children:. 


CEM Select Familiarisation Software

Please note: CEM’s assessments are designed for desktop use. As such, the familiarisation website uses Adobe Flash which does not run on iOS. Please open on a Windows or Mac OS X computer enabled with Adobe Flash Player. 

Depending on your browser and settings, you may need to enable Flash content from the toolbar or browser settings. 

The familiarisations will not open on phones and tablets as these devices do not support Adobe Flash Player. 

Click here to continue to the software. 

Click here for more information on installing and enabling Flash Player. 

Admission to other year groups (Chance Vacancies)

Occasionally there are places available in other years – these are called ‘chance vacancies’.

For any further information please contact